In recent years, lots of Indians have taken to wine drinking and they are happy about adding wine to their favourite drinks. The fast-spreading wine culture has also helped popularise locally produced wines. The latest addition to these wines are the four brands launched by Prestige Vineyards – Pine Forest, Prestige, Grape Valley, and Port 777.

Over the years, Prestige Vineyards has mastered the process of understanding how best is wine distributed, stored and served. It gradually forayed into the production of spirits, becoming a much-respected producer that put quality above all else.

Prestige Vineyards, nurtured in the grape-rich Nashik region, gets its flavour not just from the grapes but also the international level wine making process that it goes through. It offers a wide range of varieties that no current brand offers.

From popular blends to rare flavours, Prestige Vineyards has something on offer for the new wine drinker as well as the connoisseur who’s looking for something special.

Their world-class production facility creates perfect bottles of crisp wines.

Their Pine Forest has varietals like Chardonnay, soft Merlot, rich Cabernet Shiraz and fruity Sauvignon Blanc; the Prestige has Shiraz and the breezy Chenin Blanc; the smooth Grape Valley has Premium Red Wine and Premium White Wine and there’s the eternal favourite Port under Port 777

These wines are made from grapes that are grown with immense care on their own farms, ensuring that every drop of the wine that they produce is a product of passion and careful tending. It reflects when the first hint of flavour touches you when you sip it.

Announcing the launch, Girish Gurnani, Director – Prestige Alcobev Pvt Ltd, said, “Prestige has the advantage of flavour, quality and affordability. We’ve invested our   time,   resources   and   passion   in   making   Prestige the best Indian wine you’ve tasted. After launching in Maharashtra, we will soon spread our wings to the rest of the country. We are confident that our wines will be loved for their flavour and price point. Once you have it, there’s no going back to anything else!”

The next time there’s something to be celebrated, treat yourself to your favourite blend of Prestige Vineyards. It’s going to be the beginning of a long, loyal relationship, says the company release.

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