Wild Turkey 81 comes to India

New Update


As part of its global expansion, the Kentucky-based bourbon brand Wild Turkey has announced the launch of a new variant in India. It is known as Wild Turkey 81 and the drink is characterised by the bold, authentic full-bodied flavour.

Wild Turkey 81 Proof was crafted by Eddie Russell, the son of the Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell. The whisky has been made using a mix of aged six, seven and eight-year-old whiskies.

Having an amber-bronze hue, the experience of savouring Wild Turkey 81 begins with a fragrant aroma of honey and caramel and kicks off on the palate with the trademark Wild Turkey sweetness, then transforms in notes of maple and vanilla, finishing with sharp, toasty finish. The whiskey is available at select retailers in India at an MRP of Rs .2,623 per 750 ml bottle.