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Ever since we embarked on the Spirtiz Awards journey three years back to acknowledge   the   contribution   of   the Wine is considered a more complex beverage as compared to spirits. The reason is that thousands of grape varietals and a multitude of blends can be related to wine in contrast to spirits where the source material is relatively easier to decode. Therefore, for selecting top wines for awards, a greater level of planning and streamlined execution is required.
alco-beverages  industry  achievers,  it  was  our aim to progressively expand the awards’ ambit to cover all functional areas of the industry. This year, we expanded the ambit to include wine. To ensure credibility and objectivity in this new award category, we conducted a blind tasting of wines to award India’s best wines.

Our first consideration was to ensure the conduct of a credible blind wine tasting with the help of a qualified, wine-passionate person who could execute the tasting in true alignment with our objectives. While mulling over options, we felt a little silly as the right person was just a phone call away. He is Ravi Joshi aka Colonel Joe, a longstanding friend and a regular writer for Spiritz.

Ravi is well known in the alco-beverages world for his wine passion. Widely recognized as “the man who gave up his secure job to follow his passion,” Ravi has an impressive body of work done in an amazingly short span of time ever since he truly started pursuing his passion for wine.

As was expected, Ravi readily agreed to come on board. Soon we put our heads together to identify the wine award categories.
On this we had also sought opinions of major wine producers of India. Initially, we settled for three categories viz. Sparkling, White and Red, given their dominant presence in the market. However, as an afterthought, we also included Rosé, based on the recommendation received from a couple of wine producers.

Our next task was to shortlist a panel of judges to taste these wines. Departing from the prevailing norm of including only trade experts, we opted for a mix of trade professionals and consumer enthusiasts so as to elicit the opinions of a diverse spectrum of wine connoisseurs.

Having   gone   through   these   preliminaries,   we handed over the reins to Colonel Joe to evolve a tasting methodology with a customized approach suitable for its unique disposition. Once he showed the green light about his preparations, we fixed November 21 as the day for the blind tasting of selected wines. The day was a good four days before the main event on November 25-26, giving us a reasonable window to compile the results.

On the D day, the tasting panel comprising sommeliers, restaurant owners, diplomats, artists and several others assembled  in  the  mammoth  Board  Room  Lounge provided generously by Hotel Leela Ambience. The Board Room was a perfect fit for the event, considering the fact that the large number of glasses (700 glasses were used to serve    22  panelists)  were  to be accommodated and ample elbow room was needed for panel members to carry out their task unhindered. Custom- designed table mats by Colonel Joe  for  each  wine  category that also served as recording sheets had been printed by us to facilitate the smooth conduct of the tasting.

We put for tasting 28 wines out  of  the  38  wines received by  us.  The  left out 10 wines were not received in adequate quantity to serve  the complete panel. Otherwise, we would have   loved   to   offer   these wines  as  well  to  our  panel. Our endeavour nevertheless was to include all major wine producers  of  India  and  some of those whose wines are generating significant interest in the Indian market.

Colonel Joe interfaced with the Leela staff to form a well-oiled team ensuring that all wines were served in the right sequence, at the right temperature and within the given time constraints. Precautions were taken to obliterate any tell-tale signs that could help the panel members guess the name of any wine. All bottles were opened backstage, capsule collars were removed where required, and wines were labelled randomly  after  the  shrouding process. Even we did not know which number corresponded to which wine bottle before the shrouds were officially removed!
The above measures resulted in providing   a   fair   playing   ground   for all  wines,  facilitating  their  judging  by the panelists for their intrinsic value rather than any possible bias even at a subconscious level. The methodology was an acid test especially for premium wines which were evaluated as generic candidates without the mystique of their packaging putting them at an advantage. The encouraging sign was that these wines did not fail the test either.

The blind tasting of wines for Spirtiz Awards was just the beginning but the benchmark has been set pretty high. Now we have set our sights on an even bigger wine engagement in the next edition of the Spiritz event.



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  • Anthony Wills, managing director of Kilchoman Distillery is known for its fine blend of single malts across the globe. He says that the Indian drinker loves peated whiskies. As for the Indian single malts, he says that the Indian market is growing at over 20% every year. With more global exposure and overseas travel, the Indian customer is looking for new and interesting brands to enhance his taste rather than to get drunk.

With greater awareness of premium products, including single malts, the urban people are also drinking less and better.  As for availability and growth in the Indian market, Anthony's brands are available in Travel retails like  the  Vault  Collection  counters at International Duty Free shops in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi.

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  • Labrodog Blended Scotch whisky has been declared as the “Emerging brand of the year” in the recently conducted event Goa State Best Brands Awards, organized by Dewan Mehta Foundation. This year the competition was greatest in its history, having more entries than ever where winners represented some of the finest products from around the country. 
The honor highlights the Cheers Group’s commitment to premium products throughout their portfolio of Scotch whiskies and Premium Indian whiskies which makes it standout amongst the most awarded alcobev company in the country.

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  • Rampur Indian Single Malt (RISM) produced by Radico Khaitan Ltd has been awarded gold medal at the Monde Selection 2017. Ever since 1961, Monte Selection has been evaluating, testing and awarding a large number of consumer products with its remarkable quality label. It brings seventy specialists from all over the world to taste and test products in an independent way. RISM is available in more than a dozen countries including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, UAE, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ghana etc. and many new markets in the rest of the world are being opened. 
#SpiritzMagazine #RISM #SingleMalt
  • Silvestris, from Gratavinum, has been chosen as one of the thirty best natural wines in the world by Decanter magazine. The declaration was made on the basis of blind tasting of natural wines, organized in January 2017, with over a hundred distinct wines from around the globe participating. The three eminent wine specialists- Simon Woolf, the honor winning English wine and beverages author; Sarah Jane Evans, an honor winning writer who is additionally the co-seat of Decanter World Wine Awards; and Andrew Jefford, the editorialist for Decanter.com were responsible for the wine assessment. They selected their top 10 natural wines after tasting 122 wines from all over the world. 
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  • A leading player in the international wines and spirits business in India, Aspri Spirits, organized a women only exclusive sit-down dinner in honor of Andrea Freeborough, Cellar Master, Nederburg recently, in Mumbai. Set in the elegant Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mumbai, the lavish specially came up with four-course wine along with Chef Rishim Sachdeva’s menu blended perfectly with ‘Nederburg the Winemasters’ wines. In the ideal setting of dinner, Andrea Freeborough interacted with visitors and took them through a delightful history of the brand, the process of making wines, their best-seller wines and much more. 
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  • Baptiste Loiseau marked the history by becoming the Cognac’s youngest cellar master three years ago. The 34-years cellar master from the Cognac region is very passionate about the region, products and its terroir. 
This young legend performed the dual task of maintaining the tradition while innovating at the same time. He first created Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau, the exclusive limited edition that has been created last year for the House of Remy Martin and available at Duty Free stores worldwide. The second Carte Blanche is to be launched in October this year as a preview, in the United States.

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  • In the world of wines, Burgundy is the famous wine produced from the lush eastern France. Mumbai-based Wine Park has brought a range of high quality Burgundies from the label Vincent Girardin in India. 
The addition of Burgundy wines has improved the impressive portfolio at Wine Park— both from old and new wine worlds. The Vincent Giradin Labels in India include 2014 Bourgogne Cuvée Saint-Vincent Blanc, 2011 Chasagne-Montrachet Premier Cru Morgeot, 2012 Meursault Premier Cru Genevrières, 2013 Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru Les Referts among many others. 
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