Dining out will never be the same

New Update

Winner of the Best Caterer Award at the Food Top 100 Awards 2017, One Fine Meal by Tarun Sibal is all set to make waves across the country.  The award is not just an appreciation of what they’re doing at One Fine Meal, but is also proof that consumers are now more evolved and looking out for experimenting with their palate, which is great news for the industry.

An elated Tarun says, “Humbled and honoured with this award, especially as it was decided on the basis of our guests voting for us and the Industry experts giving us the thumbs up. One Fine Meal team that has worked selflessly ensuring the best produce on the plate along with having an unmatched service orientation. We have many milestones to achieve and this award reassures us that we are on the right path.”

A chef, a wine geek, an expert in strategic planning, brand development, and trade relations, Tarun has worked for The French Ministry of food and agriculture, The Irish food Board and The Meat and Livestock Association of Australia. Having spent 15 years in the system, Tarun began his career at the Indian Habitat centre as a Management Trainee. On the Liquid side of things, his last corporate role was of being at the helm of things at Berentzeni India, running the Indian subsidiary as the Country Manager of Brenetzen Grouppe, Germany. Prior to Berentzeni, he was the Head of Sales and Marketing at Fratelli Wines.

A   Boutique Catering Firm and a third-generation food enterprise, One Fine Meal stands for exclusivity, customisation, detailing and quality. When I say Boutique, I mean Boutique in approach not petite or small scale as they do events for 5 to 5000 people. As part of probably the first catering family of Delhi, it was Tarun who took the mandate and looked beyond the rules of the catering domain to develop a fresh storyline and he proudly says that “the unedited version of the story is One Fine Meal.”   It has been conceived to bring the best of food and beverage experiences to the catering domain. The understanding of food and its ecosystem, taste, operations, service & hospitality along with intimate approach and guest orientation forms the core of One Fine Meal.

With the belief that no substandard ingredient can turn into quality produce, the operations are focussed on a state of the art kitchen along with an experience center in the heart of the city. The kitchen as well as the experience center adheres to global food and safety standards while dishing out absolutely fresh and authentic flavours.

One Fine Meal does only customised events; each menu is planned meticulously, keeping in mind what is the event all about, the guest profile, cuisine preference, seasonality, purpose of the event so on and so forth. Innovation, content, packaging, and getting conversations out of what it dishes out are all elements that are at play when Tarun Sibal makes a menu. Operational viability  is  another aspect that the team considers as they understand what works in a sit-down restaurant meal viz-a-viz what suits best for a buffet or as a pass arounds.

One of the events they catered to for 1500 people last winter was for the 15th anniversary bash of FCML over a “flying buffet”. The menu had global flavours, from appetisers to entrees to desserts ... it had the works; but everything was done on a pass around tray. And three distinctive bars were curated by Tarun himself and they served both classic and nouveau cocktails.

As someone who has a vested interest in the Alcobev business it’s a personal mandate for Tarun to raise the Bar for our consumers. He ensured that at One Fine Meal their menus begin with the Liquid section. Like with food, the idea is to provide distinctive experiences with Liquid, in terms of concept, signature drinks, pairings etc. Which categories to feature in the bar, what wine to choose, do we want whisky sour in a summer.

Some of OFM’s

signature dishes include:

Iced Lychees

Asian Mignonette dressing

Seared Pork Belly

Plum jam

Smoked barbeque Bourbon Chicken Tikka

Barbeque Chutney

Apple cinnamon crostini

Blue cheese crumble


Biryani Kullads

Callebaut Fudge

58% cocoa, Biscotti Spoon

luncheon, and so on, are all questions they answer. The Alcobev Industry has lot to offer today and liquor plays a vital role in the construct of an event.

As  an  enthusiast, he remains on the lookout for newer categories, quality products and enhanced experiences.   In this space, Tarun is working closely with the Mezcal Producers Association and the Mexican Embassy to bring Mezcal to the India.  Late  Last year he conducted the first Indian Mezcal preview tour. It received more than a warm welcome and as a result, 2 short listed brands of Mezcal will soon be available in the country.

At a recent week-long pop up at the Twist, a popular wine and Asian tapas place in cyber hub, One Fine Meal dished out some of the best from their progressive Indian selection.

They started with things like “Straight Like Jalebi” a popular dessert turned into a chaat, and “Ektha Tiger” where fresh tiger prawns were marinated in a romesco glaze finished in the Tandoor.

An okra tempura followed with and parmesan chilli dust along with the traditional puranidilli meat chawal. The meal was rounded off with mango kheer with coconut custard, rose kulfi, gulkand center and kala jamun with salted caramel and a Pan Macron.

We don’t mind some of these ourselves, Mr Sibal! Keep innovating!