​Young Girls’ Dream of Brewing Finest Coffees Come True

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Baba’s Beans Coffee Bar @ Vivanta By Taj Ambassador, New Delhi

After four years in the trade of one of the finest crops grown in the country, Baba’s Beans opens its maiden outlet at Vivanta By Taj Ambassador, New Delhi.

Baba’s Beans Coffee Bar at the hotel is kind of fructification of dream of two college friends, Sadhavi Ashwani and Mrinal Sharma who in 2103 had decided to turn their coffee obsession into a commercial enterprise.

Talking to Spiritz, Sadhvi and Mrinal told that their quest to understand the coffee crop had taken them to the dense Western Ghats and straight to the roots- into something more substantial. Named after the Sufi Saint of 16th century, Baba Budan, who is said to have introduced India to the charms of coffee with just seven seeds he smuggled into the country, the brand lives the ethos of popularising coffee as a healthy indulgence.

Owing to their fascination, they soon grew up to be an artisanal brand that not only sourced great quality coffees from well high elevation estates, but also custom made blends that could produce extraordinary results. One of the first few labels to begin their own cold brews, Baba’s Beans in its short lifespan has collaborated with quite a few reputed brands ot bring home the charms of home-grown coffee.

Baba’s Beans Coffee Bar is their first brick and mortar version of the experiences they have crafted. What makes it more noticeable is that it is an also extraordinary initiative by one of the finest hospitality brands of India, this first- of –its-kind collaboration is an attempt at not only bringing the best of Indian coffees to the capital-but also present a unique platform for superlative brew experiences.

Suman Gahlot, General Manager, Vivanta by Taj, Ambassador, New Delhi said, “Baba’s Beans Coffee Bar is the glorious offspring of their burning passion of coffee, and features an array of high elevation Single Estate, Single origin and Organic coffees of India, sourced from the finest coffee growing regions in the country.”
Sharing the idea behind their first Coffee Bar, Sadhavi Ashwani ( Co- owner, Baba’s Beans) said, “ Coffee is the locus of charm, flavor and stimulation. We have trained ourselves since the last four years to understand the bean and its multifaceted multifaceted nuances in the cup Coffee is as good as a living being, when nurtured well it shines in the cup and your palate”.

Among Baba’s Beans various signature interpretations in the cup is the “Forest in the Cup’. Essentially Syphon-brewed, spiced coffee, it is an experience unique to the coffee bar brewed with love and infused with spices. Another highlight is the Cantatas; a specially- designed coffee platter from Baba’s Beans’ LAB MENU,it serves as the perfect example of the “ versatility of the indigenous coffee “as suggested by Mrinal Sharma(Co- owner, Baba’s Beans).





Picture Credit: Nidhi Singhal Jain and All She Wants