Chong Sherpa from PCO is wild card entrant to Bacardi Legacy finale

New Update

The BacardÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition is a dream for all those who wish to make it big in the field of mixology.  The Bacardí Legacy Cocktail Competition 2018-19, which passes through various local (national or regional) and global stages generated huge nationwide interest with thousands of mixologists vying with each other with their signature cocktail recipes,  made using Bacardi rum.

When Spiritz opened a window of opportunity to get a wild entry directly to the  finale through online entries, the interest soared to the next level. The entries kept pouring in and were forwarded to Bacardi for selection, based on its strict parameters.

And finally, one person emerged lucky.  Bacardi India has chosen Chong Sherpa from PCO with his Legacy Cocktail Falconer to be the Wild card entrant for Bacardi Legacy 2018-19. He joins the rest to feature among the topmost promising bartenders in the grand finale of Bacardi legacy cocktail competition, India.