Change & movement are constant

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Change & movement are constant

For Anchal Kaushal, Associate Director Marketing, Jagatjit Industries Limited, alcohol was a way of life at home and was perceived as the ultimate panacea for all ailments. No wonder then, her career move to the alcobev industry was received with much fanfare and oodles of expectations from her family members.


Anchal Kaushal was raised in Chandigarh, in a boisterous family full of aunts, uncles and cousins. The center of her life was this extended joint family that ensured they weathered any storm. All through her school, graduation and MBA, she depended upon her extended family for troubleshooting, career advice and light-hearted family gossip. They remained her strongest support structure. Her first job was as a telecom professional, working as a Product Manager with Bharti Airtel, (2002). She created marketing strategies for postpaid cards back then. Working in telecom business made her understand that what is of significance today may be completely irrelevant tomorrow. “To be honest, this position in liquor industry came my way. I could never imagine, once baptised into the world of this ‘Liquid Sunshine’, I would be taken forever,” she observes.

The Heady Panacea

Alcoholic beverages were a way of life at her home. “For my mother, her sisters and even for my grandmother, alcohol was the ultimate panacea for all ailments. Without doubt this career move of mine was received with much fanfare and oodles of expectations from my family members,” she says. Currently Anchal heads marketing for Jagatjit Industries Limited. The company had acquired fresh funding when she joined it. “This gave us financial muscle to conduct a holistic approach in marketing right from the start. Amongst the many things, my team and I were able to revamp and reengineer many brands,” informs Anchal.

Her Sunshine is Liquid

Her empowering moments arrived when she founded Liquid Sunshine LLP, her own venture. That was probably the most fulfilling period of her professional life. “I felt the urge to share the science, craft and the art of whisky with other like-minded individuals,” affirms Anchal. About her beliefs at work, she says: “After some years, I did feel the necessity of shifting gears, to challenge myself, to unleash the hidden and that is what brought about Liquid Sunshine for me. However, like I said before, no matter how difficult, the change and movement is a constant.”

Tackling Sexism

Talking about how women impact the industry, she shares: “Walking past the sexism, women at work have proven that it is not the role or the job which needs an adaptation, it is the mindset that should undergo an evolution, especially with number of women swelling at work. Gender diversity agendas across organisations have also mitigated this belief.”

Mantra for Success

Her mantra for success in this industry is simple. “Creativity, having an opinion, spirit of re-engineering oneself and staying on top of your game enables that the voice is heard,” Anchal avers. She has a slew of goals. “To begin with, I would like to be a part of a philanthropic endeavour in a significant way, write a children’s fiction book, travel to three new places every year and develop myself ahead with at least one certification program every year.” On striking a work-life balance, Anchal shares: “Prior to the formation of Liquid Sunshine, I had gone to Scotland for eight weeks to educate myself on nosing and tasting. During this period, my husband played both mommy and daddy to my five-year-old. Both my husband and I play equal roles towards our home commitments, which makes life a lot less stressful on both accounts.