India’s beer market mirrors global trends

New Update

While the number of brands and types of beers continue to grow in India, there is enough room for global brands and new local beer varieties in India to find a strong place, feels Ramita Chaudhuri, Chief Marketer, Mahou India.

India’s beer market is very different and hence that much more interesting. Over the years, beer consumption patterns in India have changed so have consumer tastes and preferences.
“We are seeing a more matured and evolved consumer base, which enjoys quality life with finesse and standards.

“Moreover, beer drinking has become socially acceptable and is becoming gender neutral. Indian consumers are now realising that beer is less about the alcohol content and more about It he taste profile and consumption occasions that brings in the entire experience,”says Ramita Chaudhary Chief Marketer, Mahou India. In this social and cultural context, brands like Mahou come into play, focusing on creating a great consumer experience where beer is consumed in a responsible way.

Sharing details about the company, Ramita says they entered India in 2015 and have been delighting consumers
with various beers since then. “Last year, Mahou launched its wheat beer — Mahou Maestra Wheat, in India. It is the first Spanish wheat beer to be ‘Made in India.’ It is a Belgian style (Witbier) beer that has been brewed under impeccable standards of European brewing process,” she affirms.
It may be mentioned that Mahou India is a 100 percent subsidiary of Spanish brewing major, Mahou Group, a Spain-owned family company. The brand is currently present in 14 markets in India, namely, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Assam, Punjab, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Goa,
West Bengal and Bengaluru. The company will slowly introduce its products in other Indian markets as well.

Room for moreD

etailing the latest product from Mahou India, she says: “Mahou Maestra Wheat is the perfect fusion of Spainish and Indian ethos because of the mixture of Sevillian (Spanish) orange peel and Himalayan organic coriander, which contribute towards making it refreshing, delectable and easy to drink beverage. It is a drink for those who appreciate good quality and great taste in beer, while enjoying it in different social occasions with friends and loved ones.”

Talking about the most popular beer styles among youngsters, she opines that India has seen craft beer revolution in the last few years;
bringing more options for Indian consumers to explore. The new trend in India’s beer market is the popularity of wheat beer. When asked as to how willing is India’s beer industry to experiment with new flavours and styles of beer, she explains, “While the existing number of brands and types of beers in India continue to grow, there is enough room for global brands
and new local beer varieties in India to find a strong place as well. We have seen the rise in sales of craft beer & new innovations in India pertaining to beer market, during the last few
years. In that sense, India is mirroring global trends where there is increasing popularity of craft beers, global brands and non-domestic brands.

New Variants

Sharing her thoughts on Mahou launching new variants, she says the company believes in the philosophy of launch, learn and scale. Currently, they are learning at each step of doing business. Their lager beers – Mahou Clasica and Mahou 5 Star have been success and “our consumers appreciate the taste of full-flavoured beers that they are,” she adds.
Mahou India has launched these variants in Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal, Delhi, Goa and Bengaluru, and the brand is being introduced also in Assam, Meghalaya and Uttar Pradesh.
Additionally, the company is not only spreading the taste of Mahou in India but also the culture associated with Mahou in Spain, that of Cañas and Tapas (beer and snacks). She signs off
on a hopeful note: “We expect that Mahou Maestra Wheat will soon become a regular choice for Indian consumers of beer.”