India Welcomes The World’s First Non-alcoholic Distilled Spirit

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Started humbly from experimenting out of a kitchen, Seedlip is surely changing the way the world drinks. But what makes it more remarkable is the fact that this ‘world’s first distilled, sugar and additive-free non alcoholic spirit’ made with herbs, botanicals, spices & citrus peels is capturing the imagination of Delhiites. Ankur Chawla, Founder & CEo, Scopebev, shares this fascinating story in his own inimitable style.


A couple of years ago, after a lot of shopping at the busy and never-ending markets of Guangzhou, we headed for a bar. This was not an ordinary bar, but a speakeasy run by two friends. We didn’t expect much out of it as our intention was to have a quick drink and head for dinner and then crash. It was already a long day and we needed to start early the next morning. Following a small conversation with the bartender, one of the owners comes to us and stirs up a drink using base spirit from one of the undeniably pretty looking bottles (by pretty, I don’t mean the most expensive) from the back bar. “Thanks for the lovely Martini” is what I could say and I mentioned, “no more” as we have to account for the early engagement the next morning! To my surprise the gentleman smirked and reverted “Enjoy the flavours bro, it non-alcoholic.” Never could I imagine such an aromatic and complex drink with serious matured flavours of botanicals, yet NO alcohol!

That is where I met the ‘World’s First Distilled, Non-Alcoholic Spirit’… yes, you read every word of it right!

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