Diageo sources premium water for Godawan

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Diageo sources premium water for Godawan

Diageo India has announced a first-of-a-kind water stewardship initiative in partnership with SOURCE Global, PBC. The company's SOURCE Hydropanels, a groundbreaking technology that uses the Sun to draw pure, constantly replenished water vapour out of the sky, will produce premium water for Godawan; Diageo India's artisanal single malt whisky.

As the technology partner, SOURCE Global will build a 200-panel water farm in Alwar, Rajasthan. Initially, the installation is expected to generate 9,000 litres of water within the first six months and will further scale up to produce around 27,000 litres of water per month after a year.

Because SOURCE is drawn from the pure and constantly replenished water in the sky, the project will save groundwater. According to Diageo, Godawan, Diageo India's artisanal single malt whisky, produced in the warm and dry Alwar region of Rajasthan, will be the first alcoholic beverage brand to use SOURCE water.

Because SOURCE 's water is locally made, it reflects the unique terroir of the region. SOURCE Hydropanels also operate off grid and without electricity or with traditional piped water infrastructure, reducing the carbon emissions associated with treating and transporting potable water.

This initiative is aligned to Diageo India's commitment towards Society 2030: Spirit of Progress Plan. The company recently released its maiden ESG Index, which highlighted the multiple initiatives undertaken by the company during the year such as creating water replenishment capacity of 4,62,182 Cu.M annually and 84,000 litres of potable drinking water per day under its Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme.

The company is working to replenish more water than it uses in the water-stressed sites across its operating locations in India through reforestation, wetland restoration, desilting ponds and rainwater harvesting.