Drastic fall in Andhra’s liquor sales

By Spiritz Desk
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Drastic fall in Andhra’s liquor sales

The sales of alcohol in Andhra Pradesh have been experiencing a historic fall in recent months. The sale has dropped by 55 percent in the month of May. This data has come from the Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister's core dashboard.

However, the Andhra Pradesh Beverages Corporation Limited (APBCL) has stated that although there may be a slight decrease in sales due to a shortage of beer, sales of other alcoholic beverages are almost unchanged from the last year.

Although, the dashboard for the chief minister is continuously updated and since the system is set up to track the sale of alcohol in real time, if there is an off take of alcohol from any of the depots, it will be reflected on the dashboard.

Until 2022, the sales of alcohol remained on the rise. But in 2023, there was a definite downward trend in the sales, with monthly declines in sales.