Kerala to put QR code on liquor bottles

By Spiritz Desk
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Kerala to put QR code on liquor bottles

Kerala Government has come up with a new initiative where a QR code will be put on the liquor bottles to guarantee the authenticity of the alcohol supplied by Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited (Bevco) and to increase transparency in distribution.

Bevco will be the first public sector company to fully digitalize with the implementation of the QR code label system.

The QR code will take the place of the current hologram label and this will be implemented next month. By scanning the QR code, all the information on manufacture, distribution, shipping, storage in warehouses, and sale at Bevco stores will be revealed.

With this initiative, police and excise enforcement agents will be able to conduct thorough inspections as well.

The way that challan payments are made in order to purchase alcohol for bars has also been altered. The new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system makes it easy to choose the necessary stock of alcohol and make an online payment for the purchase of alcohol.