NOIL Air Fryer by Hafele

New Update
NOIL Air Fryer by Hafele

Hafele, an international company engaged in providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems, has released a NOIL Air Fryer for nutritious dishes, which can provide a healthier alternative to cooking food. It is an air fryer that prepares food with little or no-oil.

Eight pre-programmed recipes that can be activated with a single touch are included with this NOIL air fryer. With the help of these presets, one can quickly choose the programme required without taking additional time to make a lot of choices.

However, the air fryer also gives the freedom to adjust its duration and temperature to best suit the recipes if one wants to experiment with his/her own gourmet creations.

While using 90 percent less fat, the intelligent Rapid Air Technology intelligently changes the temperature to ensure that the food is crisp on the exterior and delicate on the inside.

The air fryer includes an integrated fry basket with an aerodynamic design that enables consistent cooking and a shake reminder that prompts you to shake the basket occasionally for the best frying results to ensure that your food doesn't stay undercooked.