UTDB to give thrilling rafting experience

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UTDB to give thrilling rafting experience

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board has identified three river rafting spots for tourists, including the section of the Bhagirathi between the Jangla and Jhala bridges along with additional areas in the Uttarkashi and Dehradun districts, as part of the Vibrant Village initiative.

According to Satpal Maharaj, the Minister of Tourism, Irrigation, Culture, and Public Works for the state of Uttarakhand, both pilgrims and adventure-seekers will now enjoy the joy of river rafting on the Bhagirathi river, near Harshil. Additionally, this will give local youth additional employment opportunities in the tourism industry.

Till date, Harshil Valley has been well-known only for its significance in the Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage and for its beautiful hiking trails but now it is expected to gain renown for river rafting experiences too.

Two rafting firms which have started offering river rafting in the valley have received approval from UTDB for this reason. The UTDB has made company registration for river rafting activities essential in order to guarantee the security of participants. These prerequisites include the availability of experienced guides, in-training guides, rescue kayaks, and all necessary rafting equipment.