Red Rhino brings an array of fresh brews

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Red Rhino brings an array of fresh brews

Red Rhino, the new addition to Hyderabad's craft beer scene, has announced the launch of its signature freshly brewed beers. The brewery has flowed in three remarkable draft beers and three bottled beers.

The three draft beers unveiled by Red Rhino are named Soul Surfer, Black Pearl and Bangalore Daze. Soul Surfer comes across as a refreshing wit beer through which one can embrace the laid back vibes of summer. This crisp and citrusy wit beer is delicately spiced with a blend of coriander and orange peel, delivering an invigorating wave of flavours.

Black Pearl is a bold stout with rich depths of flavour. This beverage exudes roasted malts and hints of dark chocolate and coffee.

Bangalore Daze, a West Coast IPA, can take you on a hoppy adventure. It has a tantalising blend of American hops, offering a burst of tropical and piney notes that can leave a lasting impression on the palate.

Red Rhino also presents three premium bottled beers, each representing the essence of their craft. Red Rhino Lager is a classic and refined lager, which is crisp, clean, and with a hint of hops, which can be a delight for beer aficionados.

Red Rhino IPA has the boldness of hops. Bursting with fruity and floral aromas, this brew showcases the art of crafting a captivating India Pale Ale.

Red Rhino Wit Beer brings the wit beer experience to bottled perfection. This refreshing brew attracts the senses with its zesty character and light body.