Telangana invites applications for allotment of A4 liquor shops

By Spiritz Desk
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Telangana invites applications for allotment of A4 liquor shops

Telangana government has issued notification calling for applications for allotment of retail liquor A4 shops in the state for the license period of 2023-25.

The government requested that interested candidates or their approved representatives submit the required applications in a notification. Companies and partnership entities were also permitted to submit applications for allocation. It was stated that although a candidate may submit multiple applications, each one must be accompanied by the required fee. Licences for the new outlets will be valid from 1st December 2023 through 30th November 2025.

The timeline for the entire procedure will be specified, beginning with the identification of A4 liquor shops for allocation to the Goud/SC/ST categories in Telangana, the issuance of notification, and other activities up to the start of the operation of the A4 liquor shops.

Every application shall be accompanied with a demand draft or challan in original of Rs. 2 lakh, which is nonrefundable.

Members of the Goud community in Telangana, who historically work in the toddy-tapping and alcohol retail industries in the state, are given a 15 percent reserve, compared to 10 percent for SCs and 5 percent for STs, to safeguard their ability to support themselves. Applications will be reviewed and chosen for the lottery after the application submission's due date. For the 2023-25 licence period, the Telangana government also set the Retail Shop Excise Tax (RSET) for various population slabs.

The RSET details in Telangana are Rs. 50 lakh for a population of up to 5,000, Rs. 55 lakh for a population of 5,000–50,000, Rs. 60 lakh for a population ranging from 50,000-1 lakh, Rs. 65 lakh for population ranging from 1 lakh-5 lakh, Rs. 85 lakh for a population varying between 5 lakh to 20 lakh, and Rs 1.1 crore for population above 20 lakh.