Bacardi acquires ILEGAL Mezcal

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Bacardi acquires ILEGAL Mezcal

Bacardi Limited has announced the completion of a transaction that makes the family-owned company the sole owner of ILEGAL Mezcal, a super premium artisanal mezcal.

Bacardi entered the mezcal market in February 2017 when it acquired a stake in the super-premium brand ILEGAL. Since 2015, the two companies have collaborated.

John Rexer, who spent years collaborating with little Oaxacan distilleries to produce mezcal for his Guatemalan bar, launched ILEGAL in 2006.

With 100 percent Espadn agave, the brand is twice distilled in tiny batches. Three types of mezcal are offered under the ambit of this brand - joven, reposado, and aejo.