Maharashtra advocates expansion of liquor Retail

By Spiritz Desk
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Maharashtra advocates expansion of liquor Retail

The Maharashtra excise department has put forth a proposal to permit liquor manufacturers to establish retail outlets in various districts or divisions, a departure from the current regulation allowing only one shop. This initiative aims to bolster the state's revenue streams.

The proposal was presented to Finance Minister Ajit Pawar in response to his request for a resource mobilization plan from the department.

Under this proposal, the department recommends imposing non-refundable fees of Rs. 50 lakh, a move expected to generate an additional annual revenue of Rs. 200 crore. Furthermore, the department suggests permitting the sale of mild spirits, which have an alcohol concentration comparable to that of beer, in the 5,775 outlets currently selling beer. Additionally, it is proposed that country spirits, sold in sealed bottles, be made available in beer shops, thus contributing to efforts to curb the consumption of illicit alcohol.