Himmaleh Spirits introduces India’s first provincial dry gin

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Himmaleh Spirits introduces India’s first provincial dry gin

Himmaleh Spirits has announced the launch of Kumaon & I - a provincial dry gin that celebrates the unique terroir and rich flavours of Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region.

Kumaon & I, having 42.8 percent ABV, is an all-natural Himalayan dry gin made from fresh Himalayan spring water. It embodies a unique selection of 11 regional botanicals. Among its standout botanicals are Timur, a berry-like Szechuan pepper that infuses a delightful fusion of fruitiness and spice, and black turmeric. This is complemented by coriander seeds and two distinct citrus fruits – galgal, a local citrus variety, and kinu, which endows nuanced sweet undertones to the liquid.

Its tasting notes are cooling spicy peppercorns, citrus, and herbal rainforest at nose, with a rich textural palate, and a medium dry long finish. It can be enjoyed in a classic G&T or a well-made Negroni. The beverage is available in Uttarakhand at Rs. 2700, in Goa at Rs. 2896 and in Gurgaon at Rs. 3000.

With a strong focus on farm-to-bottle and sustainable sourcing, Himmaleh Spirits is a family-owned and independent artisanal spirits distillery founded by Ansh Khanna and Samarth Prasad.