Lex Vodka by Nemiroff

New Update
Lex Vodka by Nemiroff

Nemiroff is going to release LEX, which is an ultra-premium vodka, at an exclusive event on 3rd October at the Tax-Free World Association (TWFA) exhibition in Cannes.

The distinctive flavour profile of this vodka is enhanced by its terroir, which includes wheat from the Podilia region and water from nearby artesian springs. Linden flowers and local honey from apiaries add to the vodka's distinctive flavour.

There are 13 filtering stages in the manufacturing of LEX, including filtrations using silver, platinum, shungite, and amber. The amber filtration technique is particularly remarkable because it gives the vodka an alluring golden or amber tint as well as great smoothness, clarity, and flavour.

The smoothness and silky texture of LEX are reminiscent of fine cashmere. It has a blend of rounded, silky, and biscuity undertones that convey poise and elegance, and linger in the mouth.

LEX by Nemiroff should be ideally served on the rocks to highlight its wonderful flavours.

LEX by Nemiroff, which will initially debut exclusively in Duty-Free and Travel Retail before eventually expanding into other markets, promises to reinvent the vodka experience for aficionados.