Radico's Jugalbandi series released in London

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Radico's Jugalbandi series released in London

Radico Khaitan Limited has announced the release of its two whiskies in the Jugalbandi series of eight Indian single malt whiskies - Jugalbandi #3 and #4 - at The Whisky Show, London.

The Rampur Jugalbandi series is a limited-edition, cask-strength product, according to the brand. Starting in October 2023, Jugalbandi #3 and Jugalbandi #4 will be available in the UK, the US, EU, Singapore, and the global travel retail market.

Jugalbandi #3 is aged in American bourbon barrels and port wine casks, in the environment of north India. The malt has a smooth, velvety mouthfeel with undertones of sweet plum cake from the port wine casks and a rich blend of sweetness and spice from American bourbon barrels. A powerful tropical fruity top note is present on the nose, and it develops into a hint of mango and lychee. First fill bourbon barrels' cool vanilla aromas are followed by the sweetness of prunes and the spicy notes of the port cask extract on the palate, which reveals the flavours; one delicate layer at a time.

Pale ale casks and American bourbon barrels are used to age Jugalbandi #4. This blend combines the spicy malt from the Indian pale ale casks with the fruity, floral aromas from the American bourbon barrels. In this beverage, there is a strong aroma of tropical fruit on the nose, with traces of mango and ripe, luscious apples. The pale ale casks in this beverage have a malty sweetness with hop, pear, and floral undertones. The first fill bourbon barrels have flavours of sweet vanilla that develop into rich malt, green apple, and spiciness.

Rampur Jugalbandi #3 will cost £400 and has ABV of 54.8 percent whereas Rampur Jugalbandi #4 will cost £400. The later has an ABV of 52.4 percent.

On the launch of two new expressions, Sanjeev Banga, President of International Business at Radico Khaitan, said: “With our Rampur Indian Single Malt portfolio, we have always strived to take India to the World. There is a lot of mysticism about India and the global consumers are always intrigued by the Indian culture and heritage. The Jugalbandi series is a testament to our brand creation capabilities and celebrates an ancient Indian artform.”

“We are proud to showcase our Indian heritage with the third and fourth launch of this series at The Whisky Show. The first and second expressions in the Jugalbandi series sold out in record time and we are excited to see the reaction to this next range of limited-edition, collectible whiskies,’’ he added.