Liquor traders in Karnataka air their grievances

By Spiritz Desk
New Update
Liquor to become costlier in Karnataka

The present Siddaramaiah-led Karanataka government has set a target of Rs.36000 crore in liquor sales in the budget and increased additional excise duty to meet the target. But as hike in liquor prices pulled down liquor sales in the state in August and September, the excise officials in the state, according to some liquor traders operating in Karnataka, have started pressurising liquor traders in Karnataka to lift far more stocks than their demand.

In response to the pressure from officials on liquor traders to increase sales the latter have formally submitted a complaint to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, which also alleged of rampant corruption in the excise department of Karnataka. The state government in response has issued a directive to Karnataka’s excise department to investigate and punish the guilty.