Celebrating the essence of Mahua in gin

By Spiritz Desk
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Celebrating the essence of Mahua in gin

When Varun Jain, CEO and Founder, Smoke Lab, decided to launch a unique sipping gin, Mohulo for the Indian market, he knew he would be charting a new and trailblazing path. As such, the gin needed to have something very authentic, something very different. And it is at that time when Jain looked at the mahua tree to find inspiration and the core ingredient for his unique gin and also to blend in the legacy of India’s rich cultural diversity into the beverage.

When people across the globe talk about heritage, India is expected to figure on the list of countries with an impressive historical past. It has a treasure- trove of legacy and amazing cultural diversity. It is this that was at the back of the mind of Varun Jain which inspired him to create the well-crafted Mohulo gin. “The inspiration behind Mohulo gin lies in the desire to offer something truly distinctive to gin enthusiasts. The intent was also to celebrate the richness of our beverage heritage in a global context,” he offers.

The Spirit of Mohulo

Varun Jain wanted to create an alcoholic beverage that could be savoured on its own, similar to single malts or other fine whiskies. Mohulo is a heartfelt tribute to the deep cultural and regional influences of India, with a focus on creating a gin that pays homage to the country’s rich culinary and beverage heritage. This endeavour sought to highlight the cultural legacy of the Mahua plant and tell a true Indian story through every sip of Mohulo.


The distillation process for gins involves the preparation of a high-purity neutral spirit as the vital foundation. The process includes the harmonious blending of the key botanicals in copper stills that play a crucial role in ensuring its smoothness.

“A key aspect of Mohulo gin lies in the saturation period of three weeks that we follow before bottling, which melds all the flavours together,” Varun informs. The distillation process is a blend of international expertise brought in by Master Distiller, Jamie Baxter and India’s traditional legacy in spirits led by mahua, resulting in a distinctive approach to artisanal gin production.

Response and Marketing

It has been almost a month since Mohulo has been launched and its response has exceeded expectations, garnering pre-bookings. The product has already being sold out in key international markets. Mohulo gin is a limited release of 2,000 cases worldwide. A select 200 cases will be available in Delhi and Mumbai at Rs 5,000, and at 60 USD in the international markets.

“In India, the reception for Mohulo has been outstanding; generating significant consumer interest,” Varun states. Notably, even the inaugural bottle auctioned at the launch was purchased for Rs 2 lakh by a Korean gin enthusiast, indicating a strong start for the brand. For Varun, the challenge was to find a slot for Mohulo gin in a competitive and already cluttered market like India. Mohulo’s positioning, according to him, is very different from other gin offerings in the Indian market.

Mohulo introduces the Indian consumers to a completely new concept of sipping gins. Sipping gins are very popular in the western market and Jain has introduced the trend in India whilst adding an authentic Indian story to it all. “The consumer response has been exceptional, with a great appreciation for the brand for bottling a unique India story and bringing it in the spotlight of the world,” he says.
The marketing strategy for Mohulo is streamlined and focused since there are a limited number of bottles of the product for sale. It is a route that the company has chosen to cater to discerning patrons who value craftsmanship and appreciate high quality. “We didn’t want to simply ride on the gin trend but bring to fore an ingenious, global offering with exceptional taste and a ‘Made in India’ story,” he elaborates. It is this very distinctive value-addition which makes Mohulo gin a special beverage that is expected to attract more gin enthusiasts and connoisseurs across the globe.


The Road Ahead

However, charting a different path is nothing new to NV Distilleries, who were the pioneers in the gin space when they introduced the first Indian dry gin named Blue Moon gin, in 1999. The company started as a distribution facility in 1994, in New Delhi. So now, almost 30 years later, with Smoke Lab launching Mohulo, Varun confidently says that it is all about revolutionising the category with impactful innovations. The brand will continue to bring forward exotic Indian ingredients, botanicals and spices and promote them not just locally but also celebrate them in the global markets.