Radico brands debut in Hyderabad Airport’s Duty-Free

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Radico brands debut in Hyderabad Airport’s Duty-Free

Radico Khaitan has announced the exclusive availability of the last three bottles of globally renowned Rampur Signature Reserve Indian Single Malt Whisky at Hyderabad Airport’s Duty-Free.

Rampur Signature Reserve, part of Rampur franchise’s limited-edition collection, underwent a meticulous aging process in American Standard Oak Barrels; enduring the rigours of numerous Indian summers.

The Master Maker, with precision, selected and set aside four distinct casks, subsequently transferring them to specially chosen PX Sherry Butts from Jerez, Spain, for the final maturation phase.

In addition to the exclusive Rampur Signature Reserve, the company has also placed a selection of their premium brands at the Hyderabad duty-free. This includes the distinguished Rampur Asava Indian Single Malt Whisky, Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin and Gold edition, and the Regal Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky.