Beer to become dear in Karnataka

By Spiritz Desk
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The Karnataka government has mooted a proposal to impose an additional excise duty on beer, which is likely to hike 650 ml beer bottle’s price to Rs 8 to 10 more, in the state of Karnataka. The state government has proposed the surge in beer prices, in a draft notification to amend the Karnataka Excise (Excise Duties and Fees) Rules, 1968.

According to the draft notification, additional excise duty on bottled beer manufactured in Karnataka or imported into the state will be hiked by 10 percentage points, from 185 percent to 195 percent. This will be the second hike in liquor prices in the state during the six months.

In July last year, the state government increased additional excise duty on Indian-made liquor by 20 percent and on beer from 175 percent to 185 percent.