She does it all…and better!

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She does it all…and better!

While interacting with many champion enterprising women for our Cover Story, one senior marketing professional threw a poser that whether it is correct to look at any industry from the gender lens. Even otherwise, most categories come across as male dominated businesses in India. She is not wrong but when we do a reality check, we see that though historically confined to stereotypical roles, Indian women are undoubtedly making significant inroads, challenging norms, and leaving an indelible mark on several sectors, including alcobev business too. However their path of progress is impeded with problems and prejudices.

This malaise is much pronouncedin the conservative landscape of the Indian alcoholic beverages industry, where women still have to fight to overcome societal prejudices to establish themselves. As we glean through many enterprising women’s stories, we find that some of the women featured in our Cover Story have had to grapple with biases, unequal pay, or a lack of mentorship.

Notwithstanding, it is so heartening to see women in this sector are occupying key roles in production, marketing, and management. Their resilience and determination are notonly shattering gender stereotypes, slowly but surely, but have also brought a fresh perspective to India’s alco-beverages industry, contributing to innovative product development and marketing strategies.

Empowering women in the workforce is essential for maximising their potential and fostering a more inclusive and productive work environment. Several key elements contribute to this empowerment: equal opportunities & equal pay practices, flexible work policies, training and skill development, creating inclusive work culture, providing mentorship and networking opportunities, implementing anti- harassment policies, supportive parental leave policies, introducing advocacy and awareness programs and encouraging work-life balance.

By implementing these measures, organisations can foster an environment that empowers women, maximises their potential, thereby contributing to a more diverse and thriving workforce.

The evolving role of women in a male-dominated sector like the alcobev business in India not only signifies a significant societal shift but also holds immense promise for the future.

As women continue to ascend the professional ladder in India’s alco- beverages industry, their contributions will undoubtedly reshape workplace dynamics, facilitating a more equitable and diverse professional landscape in the industry.