In Pursuit of Excellence

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In Pursuit of Excellence

Meena Bhatia’s four- decade long journey wasn’t planned but was ignited by a deep passion for people. Her trajectory was far from a leisurely stroll; rather, it was a tumultuous expedition marked by resistance and roadblocks, many of which were regrettably tethered to her gender. As the Vice President and General Manager of Le Meridien New Delhi, Meena’s narrative is one of perpetual learning, unbridled innovation, and the cultivation of inspired leaders. Her propulsion stems from a fervent commitment to motivate her team, cultivate a culture of excellence, and ardently embrace the winds of change.

Within the enchanting realms of hospitality, Meena unearthed the joy of surpassing expectations and crafting indelible experiences that transcended the confines of her job description. This revelation propelled her into the role of a fervent advocate for gender diversity and empowerment. She openly acknowledges that the path to her success is not solely a testament to her individual efforts, stating, “it is about the countless individuals who shaped me and instilled the value of giving back.” As a woman navigating the traditionally male-dominated environment of her field, Meena embraced the tenets of individualism. “My autonomy and self-determination fuelled my pursuit for excellence, defying societal expectations. This wasn’t just about me; it was about paving the way for future generations to believe they can achieve anything, regardless of gender,” declares the resolute lady, a postgraduate diploma holder in travel, tourism & hospitality management, adorned with four decades of experience in the realm of luxury hotels.

Things are Changing

She admits that over the years, hospitality industry in India has evolved in terms of gender sensitivity, with significant endeavours towards challenging deeply ingrained perceptions about women’s roles. However, she admits that the less presence of women in policy-making persists in the industry and there is the need for concerted efforts to change mindsets, collaborate effectively, and earn the respect women deserve. “Let us build our credibility, achieve our goals, and create a world where young girls dream without limitations, knowing they have a place at the table and the potential to excel,” elaborates Meena.

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