Indri & Fort City Brewing unveil Dhumri

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Indri & Fort City Brewing unveil Dhumri

Indri, which is renowned for its award-winning India’s first triple cask single malt whisky, has announced an exciting collaboration with Fort City Brewing, a leading innovator in India’s craft beer industry. Together, the brands are unveiling an exclusive and handcrafted selection of beer matured in Indri casks, which are expected to captivate the palates of beer aficionados.

Two trend-defining teams got together and laid the foundation of the ‘Barrel Aged Beer Program’, combining Indri’s legacy of crafting high quality spirits with Fort City Brewing, which is engaged in crafting innovative and exceptional brews. Each beer in this exclusive collaboration is handcrafted to reflect the distinctive characteristics and quality synonymous with both brands.

Fort City’s Imperial Stout was selected for the ex-Indri barrels to complement the oak and coffee characters. Crafted with labour of love, Dhumri, the Indri x Fort City Barrel Aged Imperial Stout could be described as a symphony poured in a glass.

On the launch of the Dhumri, Co-founders of Fort City Brewing Gautham Gandhi & Ashish Ranjan said,  “We are  thrilled to partner with Piccadily Distilleries for our first ever ‘Barrel Aged Beer Program’. This collaboration represents a meeting of minds and a celebration of craftsmanship, resulting in beers that will captivate the palates of beer and whisky enthusiasts.” 

Dhumri is a product of three months of maturation.  As far as tasting notes of Dhumri go, it exudes notes of oak, vanilla, coffee, dry fruits and spices on the nose as well as on the palate. Naturally occurring tannic notes from the oak add to the body and mouth feel. The wood allows some of the water and alcohol of the beer to evaporate, making way for a slow ingress of oxygen into the beer, which adds to the complex profile of Dhurmri, making it more rounded and delicious.

Indri & Fort City is on its way to launch a beer name Mridya : a Jaggernaut aged in ex-rum barrels, in near future. Jaggernaut the Indian interpretation of Belgian Dubbel at Fort City, was chosen for the ex-Camikara barrels to play with the raisin and other dry fruit characters coming from the ageing of Camikara in those barrels.The Dhumri beer will be available at Fort City Brewery, at a price of Rs 595 + GST.