Setting the Right Example

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Setting the Right Example

If Rashi Singh had taken her engineering degree too seriously, chances were that she would have held on to her job with an automobile company. But being prone to tackling new challenges and foraying into new sectors brought her to the alcoholic beverages industry where she finally found the niche she had always desired. Now, as Category Leader at Beam Suntory, Rashi is able to find the contentment that follows her passion for promoting individualistic values.

Having acquired a degree in engineering and an MBA in marketing from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, Rashi Singh found herself drawn to the booming automobile sector where she could put her academic learning to use. But though her professional journey took off on this note, she wasn’t the type to be content with just one single sector. And so, Rashi found herself navigating through diverse industries; adapting to different work environments. This journey led her to gain invaluable experiences across the country, with each place bringing its own set of experiences. Finally though, by entering the alcoholic beverages sector, she seemed to be have find her career’s calling.

The reason was the excitement that came with being in an industry where consistent growth was expected over the next two decades. However, the alcobev business has tested her marketing and business skills, creating ample opportunities for her to shine. Throughout her journey, Rashi has embraced a proactive approach, prioritising freedom of expression that empowers her to chart her path effectively, challenging gender norms, and fostering a more inclusive and diverse professional environment. At Beam Suntory, where she holds the position of Category Leader, the management underscores this gender sensitive commitment, offering women employees’ avenues for growth.

Being Individualistic


Rashi’s commitment to individualistic values, especially within the context of being a woman, revolves around vocal advocacy for autonomy and self-determination. In sectors like alcoholic beverages, where male dominance has historically prevailed, women frequently find themselves reluctant to assert their presence. However, Rashi’s approach has been to consistently take a proactive stance, prioritising freedom of expression.

This principle defines her career trajectory, shaping her professional growth. “The more opportunities I have for open expression, the more effectively I chart my path,” she says.

According to her, India’s alcoholic beverages industry is progressively reinforcing policies to boost gender diversity. Rashi adds that what sets Beam Suntory apart is its proactive DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) approach in hiring and training, where women take prominent roles in shaping the organisation and cultivating a workplace that is more inclusive and supportive. “The cultural shift of placing women at the forefront contributes to a more respectful and comfortable work environment,” she points out.

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