Pushing the Boundaries

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Pushing the Boundaries

After making up her mind to make a career in the realm of law, Shruti Zota started early and has, in the course of this journey, gained immensely valuable insights into the profession, which she now uses in her role as Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel at Diageo India. And at the same time, she continues to mentor young women lawyers to help them find their feet in the complicated legal world related to the alcoholic beverages industry.

Growing up amidst the backdrop of a traditional business family, Shruti Zota’s fascination with the legal world emerged early, despite lacking any familial connections to the profession. There was something about this profession which stirred both curiosity and desire in her to explore and follow her passion for law. Without any mentor, it was challenging to break into such a competitive world but Shruti was ready and willing to learn the complexities of the legal profession.

Shruti has always been someone who loves to push boundaries and see just how far she can go. It is a part of who she is – constantly testing herself and her abilities. This is what gives her an incredible sense of confidence. “It’s like every hurdle I face just adds another layer to that confidence,” she says. Through this journey, both her biological and chosen families have been like solid rock, cheering her on through every aspect of life. What is more, they have always given Shruti the freedom to be and chase her dreams. They have creating a home environment that fully embraces the balancing act of being a working mother in such a demanding profession.

Fostering Inclusivity


Being a woman in a predominantly male environment has deepened Shruti’s commitment to individualist values, particularly autonomy, self- fulfilment and self-determination. She has been a vocal advocate for bringing diverse perspectives to the table to foster a more inclusive culture. Embracing independence, resilience and authenticity, Shruti has learned to advocate for herself and others while continually seeking growth opportunities. “These values resonate with my personal journey, fuelling my passion for creating an inclusive space where everyone feels empowered to thrive,” she states.

This is what leads her to champion fairness and equality in both her professional and personal endeavours. Elaborating about the gender equation at the workplace, Shruti opines that the transformation of gender treatment has been a gradual but significant journey, marked by concerted efforts to challenge and change deeply ingrained societal perceptions about the role of women.

Over the years, organisations and individuals alike are slowly but surely recognising the importance of fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace environment, where women are valued, respected, and provided with better opportunities for growth and advancement. One notable aspect of this transformation has been the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives aimed at addressing systemic barriers and biases.

According to Shruti, companies have introduced policies to promote gender diversity in leadership positions, such as setting targets for female representation on boards and executive teams. Additionally, there has been a greater emphasis on creating inclusive cultures that value diverse perspectives and contributions. Furthermore, there has been a growing awareness and advocacy for pay equity, with organisations taking steps to ensure that women are fairly compensated for their work.

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