A fan of whisky

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A fan of whisky

A Supreme Court hearing on industrial alcohol sparked some jovial moments on 3rd April, in Chief Justice DY Chandrachud’s court. In a candid exchange, CJI couldn't resist a playful jab at senior advocate, Dinesh Dwivedi after he showed up in the courtroom with colourful hair.

"Apologies for my colourful grey hair," Dwivedi started to address, attributing his multi-coloured hair to the recent Holi festivities. "It is because of Holi. This is the disadvantage of having a lot of kids and grandkids around. You can't save yourself," he added.

CJI, with a smile, promptly seized the opportunity to add a dash of humour. "Nothing to do with the alcohol?" He asked. Dwivedi, clearly a man who wears his love for alcohol on his sleeve, chuckled and confessed, "It does. Holi means partly alcohol… and I must confess… I am a fan of whisky."

A nine-judge Constitution bench was hearing a case on industrial alcohol. Dwivedi was representing the state of Uttar Pradesh.