X-aging the spirits

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X-aging the spirits

Want to age your whisky instantly? XAGE Express Liquor Aging disc can do it for you. 

XAGE is a new tech startup using the latest cutting edge-technology to age alcoholic beverages. XAGE claims that consumers can take control of the aging process of their alcoholic beverages. 

XAGE Express Liquor Aging disc is said tohelp in maturing your alcohol to its highest potential within minutes, without changing the basic flavour profile, which results in improved smoothness and a more rounded aroma & taste.

It is claimed that instant-aging also helps your liver process the alcohol more easily. In lay man’s terms what the device expects to do is break the molecules of your spirit to its simplest form thereby enhancing its flavours and giving it a smooth and more rounded taste, which is what aging in barrels actually do.

The device has been put through a reactor and charged with resonance technology that is claimed to help in breaking the molecules of your alcohol into its most simple form.