McDowell's & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt

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McDowell's & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt

Diageo India owned whisky brand McDowell's launched McDowell's & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt in Gurugram, Haryana. The new single malt is distilled and matured at the company’s Nashik Distillery.

With only 6000 bottles available, this triple cask whisky is the product of first getting matured in Ex-Bourbon and Virgin Oak Casks and then in Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz casks unique to the Sahyadri terrain, which add an exceptional vintage character to this whisky.

On the nose, a symphony of vanilla and rich fresh fruit aromas takes centre stage, complemented by gentle afternotes of citrus and spice. As far as the palate of the whisky goes, a velvety richness with sweet wood and fresh fruit flavours intertwine to create complex layers. The whisky has a sweet and lingering finish, gently coating the palate with a flavourful embrace.

The essence of the Sahyadri mountain range comes to life through the whisky’s captivating bottle and label design. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Nashik Distillery, where the whisky casks are enveloped by mountain mists, the brand’s packaging reflects the vibrant hues and mystical aura of this unique region. Deep purple tones and veiled peaks adorn the packaging, embodying the spirit of the mountains. As an ode to its spectacular terroir, the wine region also comes alive on the packaging with a golden map.

McDowell’s & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt is bottled at 46 percent ABV.