And Now, One for the Women!

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And Now, One for the Women!

The future of the beer industry in India looks promising, driven by evolving consumer preferences, increasing demand for diverse beer styles, and potential developments in the market landscape. The industry is changing and it is no longer about catering to just one segment of the society. And this is where United Breweries Limited saw the gap in the market where most of the communication was directed towards men.

It therefore seized the opportunity to open up conversation around beer in India to also include women – a revolutionary step indeed! Vikram Bahl, CMO, United Breweries Limited tells Bishan Kumar that Queenfisher is an initiative that celebrates women and sisterhood and looks at a more inclusive approach.


United Breweries Limited (UBL), part of the Heineken Company, seems to be experiencing a streak of successful launches. Following the introduction of Heineken Silver and Silver Draught beers, the unveiling of Kingfisher Ultra Max Draught beer in Karnataka has garnered attention, and now there is Queenfisher. Could you give us a sense of the company’s strategy and objectives?

UBL has indeed experienced success with its recent launches; reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer preferences. The introduction of Heineken Silver and Silver Draught beers, along with Kingfisher Ultra Max Draught beer in Karnataka, has garnered attention. Now, with Queenfisher, the company aims to celebrate moments of sisterhood and inclusivity while offering a unique product that resonates with consumers. We aim to position Queenfisher as a premium yet accessible lager that celebrates the bonds of friendship and empowers women to embrace their unique friendships.

How and when was the concept of Queenfisher conceived? Additionally, could you elaborate on how women brewers were involved in the development of this brand?

Kingfisher as a brand has always stood for inclusivity and brewing of authentic connections. Queenfisher stems from a similar belief, where we want to celebrate moments of sisterhood across all groups of friends. It is a powerful and essential bond that every woman cherishes.

The bonding goes beyond blood relations and encompasses the connections women forge with other women who uplift, inspire, and support them. The entire campaign finds its roots in taking a moment to celebrate this very special bond of sisterhood. This has been an all- women initiative, brewed by female brewers. and ensuring we all have a new can to raise a toast to the queens in our lives.

At a recent event in Mumbai, Kingfisher Galendar was unveiled, which is reminiscent of the iconic Kingfisher calendar. How were the models featured in the calendar selected, and can we expect this calendar to become an annual tradition?

Queenfisher is dedicated to honouring the women in our lives who foster bonds of sisterhood through friendship and choice. The initiative celebrates inclusivity by bringing alive moments of sisterhood across all groups of friends. Hence, we wanted to showcase real, authentic, unfiltered stories from women of diverse communities and backgrounds.

We have received a tremendously positive response to this calendar, now re-imagined as the Galendar. We hope to continue this initiative in the years to come.

Can you provide insights into the evolving market trends and the changing preferences of beer consumers in India? How do these trends impact the beer business, particularly for UBL?


We have seen an evolving trend towards trying smoother, more session-oriented drinks as well as the need to try out new variants or flavours. The same is the case with beer. In order to meet these needs of the consumer, we crafted Queenfisher. It aims at capturing the segment that is always on the lookout to try something new. To create this brew, we have an extended fermentation process at a low temperature using our traditional lager yeast to give that complete rounded profile.

Furthermore, cleaner and crisp beer flavours are developed during maturation period that makes Queenfisher the perfect match for today’s search for a new, refreshing beer.

What are the prevailing beer styles dominating the Indian market currently, and could you identify any emerging style/s that hold promise for the future?

Traditional beer styles currently dominate the Indian market, but there is also a rising interest in emerging styles such as craft beers, flavoured brews, smoother brews and low-alcohol options. We are attentive to these trends and continually explore opportunities to innovate. This is again where Queenfisher is positioned. This lager beer has a rich hoppy aroma, balanced with a pleasantly low bitterness. It has an aromatic profile with well-balanced esters resulting in a fruity flavourful experience of a thirst-quenching drink.

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