Beer Breaks the Boundaries

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Beer Breaks the Boundaries

Beer is now not just beer but a statement of independence, rebellion and the courage to be different. With that emerging as the new trend among beer drinkers, beer manufacturers have necessarily got to go through a transition phase, ushering in new elements into the beverage in terms of taste, aftertaste, low alcohol content and even aroma. Onkara Beverages and Hospitality (P) Limited is one such company that has made its Lone Wolf beer a model of such preferences and as the company’s Co-founder and Managing Director, Atul Kumar Singh says, it has become much more than just beer.

Beer is not just beer anymore. What matters more now is the beer’s taste, the aftertaste and the smoothness – aspects that are defining the new trend among beer drinkers. An additional factor is that consumers are becoming more health-conscious and therefore seeking moderation in their alcohol consumption – something that companies like Onkara Beverages and Hospitality Private Limited are now making a part of their manufacturing and marketing strategies. “We all need to adapt to the changing landscape,” asserts Atul Singh.

Attributes of Lone Wolf

Breweries are investing in light beer or non-alcoholic variants in the Indian market, and in this market lager remains the dominant beer style. However, IPA has gained a following. Known for its bold hop flavours and higher bitterness, IPA offers a unique taste experience compared to traditional lagers. In the case of Onkara Beverages and Hospitality, its introductory beer, the Lone Wolf Strong is a high ABV lager beer with a clear hue (6-8 percent ABV) that does not leave a bitter aftertaste. It is an extremely smooth strong beer that is available in both cans and bottles.


Meanwhile, Lone Wolf Alpha is a Belgian witbier with a refreshing twist. This light and crisp beer offers a delightful blend of flavours, featuring the expected citrus and coriander notes commonly found in Belgian witbiers. However, what sets Lone Wolf Alpha apart is its significantly lighter body.

It has an ABV below 5 percent with a straw to pale yellow gold colour that is available in cans and pints. Further, Lone Wolf Maverick is a 100 percent malt lager designed for all-day enjoyment. It has an ABV of 5 percent and is light and crisp, which makes it a versatile choice suitable for various occasions. It is a clear beer with a light body and earthy aroma that is available in cans and pints.

Increasingly beer brands are coming with their own set of attributes. This is what appeals to those who love their beer. For example, in the case of the Lone Wolf brand, one of the standout features is its exceptionally smooth texture. “We meticulously craft our beers to provide a premium and refined drinking experience,” emphasises Atul Kumar. Lone Wolf also takes pride in being a low additives and enzymes beer with a longer brewing cycle instead of rushing the maturing cycle. Thus, these beers tend to have much lesser hangover. Another innovation is the distinctive flavour twist. Whether it’s the bold character of Lone Wolf Strong, the crispness of Mavrick, or the refreshing twist of Alpha, each variant of Lone Wolf offers a unique flavour profile that delights the senses.

And of course, there is the aroma which is carefully crafted to enhance the overall drinking experience. Attention is paid to the olfactory aspect, ensuring that the scent is as inviting as the taste. And once all these are integrated, the topping lies in the distinct persona and name.

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