It’s Prime Time for Beer

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It’s Prime Time for Beer

The Indian beer market is becoming increasingly competitive and breweries will need to differentiate themselves through brand identity, innovative marketing strategies, and a focus on customer experience. By adapting to evolving consumer preferences, embracing innovation, and prioritising sustainability, breweries can tap into the vast potential of this growing market, opines Avneet Singh, Founder and CEO, Medusa Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

If there is one thing that players in the Indian beer industry agree upon, it is the fact that premiumisation is on the rise. Indian consumers are increasingly opting for premium beers with stronger flavours and higher quality ingredients. According to Avneet, this shift is driven by a growing disposable income and a desire for unique experiences. Given that, standard and classic lagers will always be the top priority for the consumers in the beer segment. Thus, established brands are introducing premium lagers, wheat beers and Indian pale ales (IPAs) to cater to this demand.

However, a segment of lighter beers is also gaining currency in India’s beer market. “There is a growing demand for lighter beers with lower alcohol content and potentially health benefits,” Avneet adds. That explains why Medusa Beverages takes health as the foremost priority with all its variants under the 6 percent category to the extent that even its premium strong beer is 5.9 percent.

Further, consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and this is reflected in their beer choices. Brands with sustainable practices and eco-friendly packaging are gaining favour. “Consumers in India’s beer market can expect a wider variety of beers, improved quality, and a more responsible approach to brewing in the years to come,” he says.


Evolving Market

The Indian beer market is dominated by lagers, particularly pale lagers. These light, crisp beers with moderate alcohol content (around 5 percent) have been the go-to choice due to their refreshing nature and affordability.

“Popular brands like Medusa, Kingfisher and Carlsberg fall into this category. However, the Indian beer market is evolving, and new trends are bubbling up, including wheat beers, Indian pale ales and flavoured variants. Some of the other emerging categories include sour beers with their unique flavour profiles, stouts and porters which are darker beers with roasted malt character and craft lager variations,” Avneet explains.

Brand Initiatives

At Medusa Beverages, the quality of the beers is directly linked to its production processes. One of these is the use of premium ingredients like specialty malts and unique hop varieties that can elevate the flavour profiles of their beers and a focus small-batch production that allows for experimentation and ensures freshness in their beers.

“The initiatives extend to marketing and promotion too with the utilisation of social media platforms to showcase the whole brewing process. Highlighting new releases and connecting with beer lovers is crucial. Content marketing is the prime nerve of the brand,” Avneet elaborates. So also is the art of unique and creative labels and packaging to grab attention on crowded shelves. At Medusa Beverages, participating in beer festivals, hosting brewery tours and tastings, or collaborating on events with other local businesses helps generate buzz and brand awareness.

The NoLo Segment


Globally, there is a growing interest among consumers for NoLo (no and low) beers. Avneet observes that India is starting to see a similar movement, although India’s market is still in its early stages as far as NoLo beer goes.

“Indian consumers are becoming more health-conscious and are open to trying new beverage options. There is an increasing interest in healthier alternatives, and NoLo beers fit that bill,” he says. Currently, the NoLo beer market in India is relatively small as compared to traditional beers. However, major players like Heineken and Kingfisher are introducing NoLo options, indicating a growing confidence in the segment in India.

The company has recently introduced a new product in the market. Medusa Air in the mild beer segment is a captivating blend of two-row malted barley and premium imported hops, resulting in a tantalising brew with 4.5 percent alcohol content. As Avneet Singh puts it, it is perfectly suited for moments of celebration, relaxation, or simply when you crave the sophistication of a premium brew.

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