New Tastes, New Trends, New Processes

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New Tastes, New Trends, New Processes

With a noticeable shift towards craft beer and a growing interest in a variety of beer styles beyond lager, the Indian beer industry is going through a transitory phase – something that beer producers are only too keen to capitalise on and develop beer portfolios that are healthier and exciting due to a variety of flavours and taste. At Latambarcem Brewers Private Limited in Goa, the focus is on capturing the mood of the moment and as the company’s Chief Growth Officer, Sarika Varshnei points out, it is absolutely crucial to bring about a change in the production processes as well so as to make beer brands more appealing while also integrating the sustainability quotient.

Significant shifts in consumer preferences and market trends are reshaping the beer landscape in India. With a growing appreciation for diverse beer styles, including craft brews and specialty options, consumers are seeking unique flavour experiences. The rise of craft beer culture, fuelled by an increasing number of microbreweries, reflects this trend. Additionally, health consciousness is driving the demand for NoLo beers and lighter options, while regional variations in preferences necessitate tailored approaches to cater to diverse tastes.

According to Sarika, some of the dominant and emerging beer styles in the Indian market include wheat beer, IPA, Pale Ale, and Stout and Porter.

Defining this trend Sarika says, “Overall, while lager remains dominant, the Indian beer market is witnessing a diversification of styles driven by the growing popularity of craft beer and an evolving consumer palate. Styles like IPA, wheat beer and experimental brews are expected to continue gaining momentum in the future, shaping the landscape of the Indian beer industry.”

The digitalisation of beer retailing, coupled with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, further influences consumer choices and business strategies.

Sarika opines that to thrive in this evolving market, breweries must adapt by diversifying their offerings, embracing innovation, and prioritising sustainability efforts, all the while engaging consumers through targeted marketing initiatives. “It is absolutely crucial to bring about a change in the production processes as well as to make beer brands more appealing while also integrating the sustainability quotient,” she suggests.

Changes in Brewing Technology

Sarika informs that some of the notable technological changes in the beer brewing business include automation and control systems, microbial management and quality control, energy-efficient brewing equipment, data analytics and process optimisation and packaging innovations. “Modern breweries increasingly utilise automation and control systems to streamline production processes and ensure consistency in product quality. Automated brewing systems monitor and regulate various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rates, reducing the risk of human error and optimising resource utilisation in the process. For example, automated mash tuns precisely control the temperature and duration of the mashing process, resulting in higher extraction efficiency and consistent wort quality,” explains Sarika.

“Advances in microbiology and biotechnology have revolutionised microbial management in breweries. Techniques such as yeast propagation, genetic engineering, and microbiome analysis enable brewers to maintain yeast health, prevent contamination, and produce beers with specific flavour profiles,” she points out further. Moreover, rapid microbial testing methods allow for real-time monitoring of fermentation progress and early detection of spoilage organisms, thereby contributing towards minimising product losses and ensuring product integrity.

She also discloses that now breweries are adopting energy-efficient equipment such as heat exchangers, steam condensers, and variable-speed pumps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission.

Initiatives by Latambarcem Brewers

According to Sarika, Latambarcem Brewers has been implementing several production initiatives aimed at carving out a niche for themselves on the shelves and for distinguishing its products in the market. These include innovative brewing techniques, collaborations and partnerships, limited edition releases, packaging innovation and consumer engagement initiatives.

“We are investing in innovative brewing techniques to create unique and distinctive flavours that set our products apart from competitors. We are also actively seeking collaborations and partnerships with local artisans, growers, and suppliers to source high-quality ingredients and incorporate unique flavours into our products. We regularly introduce limited edition and seasonal releases to create excitement and anticipation among consumers,” reveals Sarika.

That is not all, of course. “Latambarcem Brewers continually explores packaging innovations to enhance the visual appeal, convenience, and sustainability of our products on the shelves, whether be it adopting eco-friendly packaging materials, introducing innovative bottle designs and interactive labelling. “From brewery tours and tasting events to educational workshops and online content, we provide opportunities for consumers to connect with our brand, learn about our brewing process, and develop a deeper appreciation for our products,” she shares.


“And to carve out a niche on the shelves, our brewery is strategically employing targeted marketing initiatives that cater to specific local regions in India. Through regional influencer partnerships, we collaborate with influential figures on social media platforms to create authentic content that showcases our products in the context of local culture and lifestyle, building trust and credibility among consumers,” Sarika informs.

Additionally, the company is implementing localised digital advertising campaigns tailored to the preferences and interests of each region, incorporating elements of regional aesthetics and traditions to resonate with viewers on a personal level.

By leveraging these strategies, it aims to establish a strong brand presence, foster meaningful connections with consumers, and ultimately differentiate itself in the competitive Indian beer market. In addition to influencer partnerships and digital advertising, Latambarcem Brewers actively participates in localised events in key regions across India, such as beer festivals, tasting sessions, and brewery tours.

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