CHOYA Umeshu Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) announces ‘The CHOYA Day’ on June 11th to celebrate the ume fruit harvest season.Since ancient times, June 11th has been recognized as the start of rainy season in Japan. This rainy season is important for ume growing. In Japanese Kanji, the season is called ‘Tsuyu’ and the characters mean ‘ume fruit’ & ‘rain’.


Good umeshu (ume fruit liqueur) is made from good ume; good ume comes from good soil.“ With this philosophy in mind, we work together with local ume growers to create special conditions including organic soil, which allow us to grow the finest fruit in Japan.

In order to celebrate this special season for CHOYA, we would like to share the experience as ‘The CHOYA Day’,” says a company release. CHOYA will organize tasting events over 20 cities during that time.

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