A hearty experience of exclusively curated Indian & European dishes

Fusing creative, innovative, culinary delight with incorporating their in-house finest and freshest greens, Pullman launches its new seasonal menu that will be served at their Pluck restaurant.

A new seasonal menu garners a fresh new feel to their patrons.  It also promises a practical and philosophical opportunities to the existing and the new chefs to experiment their culinary best and renewing their interest in the gastronomic magic.

Today dining scene has evolved manifolds, so is the entire F&B industry.  Restaurants today is not just confined to having a meal for two. It represents an ethos, a way of thinking. You go there and be a part of the vision of the group and what chefs collectively put on the plate. Experience is what you bring back, of every little detail served. I personally feel, food is also a part of the fashion industry at large, what’s trending today, may not exist tomorrow or fade soon. To keep up with the recent trend or to be at par, it’s important to experiment and innovate. Hotels are continuously working hard with their R&D wing and developing cuisines unheard of. Pullman group has a large client base from India and across. Keeping that in mind, this season they thought to recreate Indian cuisine, influenced by the continental flavour. Also, the recent trend speaks much about organic foods and influenced menu, Pullman receives an edge on this as they have inhouse farm. Organic local fare comes naturally, and its strongly present in the new menu launched. To me their new menu looked an interesting combination and amalgamation of two continents; doesn’t matter if India and Pakistani government couldn’t bring indo-pak platter together. Ok, just bringing my wicked sense of humour.

Curry Leaf Podi Dusted Braised lamb
Curry Leaf Podi Dusted Braised lamb

Pluck’s new menu is appetising with a hint of nostalgia too.  It takes you to a new level of experience, which is absolutely new and flavourful on the taste bud.

Pullman group is principally known for its opulence, magnificent design, colour emphasis, arty connect, buzzing atmosphere, assiduous & motivated staffs, handpicked wines & champagnes collections, and scrumptious food.

Pullman is an impeccable pedigree stop today for the aristocrats, corporates, airlines crew and business delegates.

Over the years this group has gained the trust of many high net worth companies and individuals. They have also witnessed the increase in local footfalls at the pluck restaurant, which promises a heavenly delight with each morsel, enriching experience with relaxed & unwinding atmosphere.

Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque


Sepu Vadi
Sepu Vadi


Pluck’s not very classic menu introduced this season, intrigued me to experience their influenced culinary palate. So, before the self-meddling, I decided to speak to the chef.

Chef Ajay Anand, Director of Culinary, Pullman & Novotel group, New Delhi, said they are aiming to serve the patrons with a palatable menu serving a range of progressive Indian and contemporary European food. Chef Anand is also delighted to announce that menu is healthy and unique concept, guests will receive an essence of how the freshly plucked greens turns into mouth-watering dishes.”

Indian cuisine has a long tradition of bold flavours and fresh ingredients reflecting its culture and history. Blending it with continental flavours and cooking techniques, has not only made it visually rich but has also brought uniqueness to the cuisine as well.

Pliable Chocolate
Pliable Chocolate

After much anticipation and cuisine discussion, I ordered some from their small plate section to start. Malai Prawns with Millet Shrimp Khichdi and Asparagus Poriyal came royally dressed, it took a while to dig my cutlery as I was enamoured by its presentation. It was fresh, aromatic and prawns felt like a cream melting in the mouth. Asparagus Poriyal was another delicious indulgence.

The new menu has signature dishes introduced by Chef Shyam Dhar Rai, the new Chef of Pluck. Chef Shyam Dhar Rai is a very pleasant and warm personality, who joined me on my table and highlighted me with some culinary magic. It was amazing to know his experience in the hospitality industry, love & labour in kitchen and experiments he has undertaken over the years. He seemed extremely pleased with the new menu palate and his association with the Pullman group.


Chef Shyam insisted on having Pit Roast Chicken Doughnut served with Liquid Tomato Pardel and Makhani Emulsion, Malai Paneer Mille Feuille with sesame and jaggery cracker and spiced tomato emulsion, SepuVadi with Drumstick Salsa and Couscous Upma. Having all appeared a little difficult, so asked for two dishes.  Pit Roast Chicken Doughnut served with Liquid Tomato Pardel is quite an experience, well cocked with perfect combination of sauces and dressings. Drumstick Salsa and Couscous Upma, allures you with the past and happy memories. You get swayed in nostalgia. Pleasantly delicious, mildly aromatic and flavours of the old-world on the taste bud.  Spiced Chicken Broth with Malai Chicken Spaghetti is another scrumptious preparation worth the try. Taste stays for some time and its smooth texture, served with spaghetti is what make it unique and mouth-watering.

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc

The new menu has also added few sinful indulgence, which is absolutely irresistible to taste and forget. There’s new flavour with meticulous innovation in the dessert section. Mont Blanc with Chestnut and Cream and Mushroom meringue are amongst the delicacies. Both the delicacies are difficult to judge on quality, taste and presentation.  The best part of the new menu are the desserts. An experience to be remembered.

Pluck is definitely an upscale, refined, comfortable choice for big or small occasions. Their new menu lets you experiment your mind and heart. Another great part of the menu is ,its healthy selection of dishes, so one can eat without guilt and happily fair without undoing the diet.

The New menu at Pluck is flagging proudly and promises to keep you smiling. Kudos to the Pullman’s team of food designers and makers. Pluck a leaf from your dining options and name an evening to Pullman.

Venue: Pluck, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Time: 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Price for two:  Rs. 4000 plus taxes (no alcohol included)

Rating: 3.8/5

For table reservations call: 9643100661

Reviewed by – Ritika Lall Chakravartty

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