MP’s Initiative to Check Illegal Liquor Transportation

New Update


In the Madhya Pradesh government’s new liquor policy for fiscal 2020-21 it was announced that barcodes will be introduced on alcohol bottles to track their supply from factories to outlets. The decision to open 15 grape wine outlets in tourist destinations of the state is another highlight of the policy.

According to the Minister for Excise, Brijendra Singh Rathore, this initiative would facilitate the Excise department of Madhya Pradesh to track liquor supply from the factory to warehouses or depots and further to contractors.  He also added that the contractors would be given online transit permits to track the consignment. This exercise would prevent illegal transportation of liquor in the state.

The decision to open grape wine outlets at tourist places in Madhya Pradesh is being done with the objective to increase the income of grape farmers and promote grape cultivation in the state of Madhya Pradesh.