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Every vintage at KRSMA Estates has been different as they believe the grapes from the unique terroir of Hampi should express themselves. They also have the guts to experiment with new varietals, and launched their first ever Krsma Syrah last year, which received good feedback among wine connoisseurs as well as from the general market.

The idea of KRSMA Estates first sprouted in the 1970s when Krishna Prasad, Co-Founder of KRSMA Estates, first tasted wine that a neighbouring bishop had imported from the Vatican. This made him decide on trying his hand at making wines, a passion shared by both he and his wife Uma.


However, at that point in time, they were starting a pharmaceutical company, and once they established it, they ventured into the pioneering idea of growing wine grapes in Karnataka. Their passion was christened as KRSMA Estates.

This idea struck firm roots in 2008 and their objective coalesced into making world class wines in India. They scouted for many locations until they came across a tiny vineyard nestled amongst the rocky terrain in Hampi Hills, just 70km from the World Heritage Site. The idea was to pioneer viticultural practices that would set them apart — twice pruning to ensure the grapes ripen during the cool seasons, and keeping production limited to maintain the boutique-ness and not compromise on quality.

Being a boutique winery with smaller volumes of production, the economic slowdown did not affect them as such, This was also because of the fact that KRSMA has a niche market, with its wines sold in only two states of the country. Currently, this year’s harvest spells good news even as Uma and Krishna look forward to a promising vintage for their wines.