Port Ellen 40 Years Old Unveiled by Diageo

New Update


Diageo has introduced Port Ellen 40 Years Old, which is the second limited edition whisky in the Port Ellen Untold Stories series. The premium whisky was created out of nine ‘rogue’ casks.

Only 1380 bottles of this 40-year-old single malt will be retailed globally through specialist retailers. The bottled whisky has a cask strength of 50.9 percent ABV.

The tasting notes of this single malt include aromas of burnt tangerine skin, mild smoke, roasted coffee and ripe peach skin. The palate is endowed with a “much more pronounced” bonfire smoke, pipe tobacco, leather and wood spice, leading to a long, wispy smoke finish.

Port Ellen 40 Years Old is priced at 7,942 USD per 700 ml.