Diageo will come up with a carbon neutral distillery

New Update

Diageo is building a distillery in Kentucky, the US, which will be engaged in distilling Bulleit Bourbon and a variety of other Bourbon and American whiskey brands. The distillery, which will entail an investment of 130 million USD, will be carbon neutral. 

The distillery to be built will have the capacity of producing up to 10 million proof gallons per year and 100 percent renewable electricity will power the distillery. Electrode boilers and a mix of renewable energy sources will power the to be launched distillery. It would be spread across 72,000 sq.ft.

In order to be categorised as carbon neutral, Diageo will introduce an array of environment-friendly features to do away with carbon emissions, which would save more than 17,000 metric tones. Having electric vehicles onsite, solar-powered exterior lighting, only activating warehouse lighting during loading and unloading activities, lower roofs to minimise heating and cooling needs, and not sending any residual waste to landfill once operational will be some of these features in the to be launched distillery.

A target of net-zero carbon emissions and to source 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 has been set by Diageo.