Eat Out to Help Out

New Update



The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak has announced the pumping of billions of more pounds to facilitate reviving the UK’s economy afflicted by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. One of the measures in the comprehensive economic package is an initiative to encourage people to ‘eat out to help out.’ Under this initiative, the UK government would pay 50 percent of the bills of guests in sit-down meals, across UK’s pubs, restaurants and cafes. The measure translates into 50 percent reduction in cost for guests in sit-down meals in cafes, restaurants and pubs across the UK, from Monday to Wednesday, every week throughout August. This wonderful measure will be extended to the consumers throughout August and is a right step to revive the seriously affected hospitality sector of the UK.

Lowering growth rate of new infections has induced easing of lockdown curbs in the UK.