Green measures by Diageo and Carlsberg

New Update


Diageo has introduced a plastic-free paper bottle which will be used to house Johnnie Walker with a limited edition run. Sustainably sourced pulp has been used in this bottle and the bottle, according to a statement of Diageo, will be “fully recyclable in standard waste streams.”

The paper bottle of Diageo is lined with a spray coating instead of a plastic film barrier. This innovative bottle will be subject to trial on a limited edition run of Johnnie Walker whisky in spring 2021.

In fact, eco-friendly packaging in alco-beverage industry is gaining momentum.


Carlsberg has also been working on creating a paper beer bottle since 2015, which has been projected to be the “world’s first paper beer bottle.”, After working with eco-friendly startups EcoXpac and BillerudKorsnäs, and post-doctoral researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, the company introduced two prototypes for the bottle in October 2019. The collaborative project paved in to the development of a paper bottle company Paboco.