Amrut flows through nation

New Update


After winning the world with its famed malt whiskies, Amrut has focused on its domestic business during these hard Covid inflicted times. The company rolled out malts in their new markets of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal,Odisha, Rajasthan and UP, and among para military in North-East and in CSD, informs Raju Vaziraney, Head - Domestic Business  Development, Amrut Distilleries Pvt Ltd.

Amrut Distilleries P Ltd. quickly realised it would be nearly impossible to work in On-trade in these hard times. Hence it stepped back and worked closely to open new markets for itself in the country. “Now we are penetrating in these markets and God willing we would be in good stead once the On-trade starts. We hope to get a head start in Ontrade, once its resume and hope to make our presence felt in our new markets with premium positioning,” Raju Vaziraney elaborates.

Impressive Presence

Now Amrut has presence in most states of India, in 25 states & 4 UTs to be precise. Amrut also has definite plans to delight its consumers in the couple of more states of India as well. Presently, Amrut’s Fusion Indian Single Malt is available in CSD or canteen stores department. “In CSD we have stepped up our supplies of Amrut’s Fusion Indian Single Malt,” asserts Raju while adding that the company shall have its focus on CSD & para-military as well.

That is not all as far as Amrut’s presence goes. The company has created a separate LMS - Liquor Malts & Spirits division a couple of years back to focus on Indian business of its luxury brands. Today, according to Raju, Amrut takes satisfaction in getting good response for its luxury brands, all over India.

Having a commanding experience in liquor business, Raju Vaziraney is also focusing on Global Travel Retail for greater exploration as international travel is expected to gain some momentum in the near future. “Our malts are loved in travel retail, in duty free outlets, in innumerable countries across the globe,” says a confident Raju while talking of the international business potential of Amrut Distilleries P Ltd.

“What we always keep in mind is that we should sell our quality brands at right price, commensurate with our world class quality standards,” explains Raju while discussing the reasons behind the enduring success of Amrut Distilleries P Ltd. despite the distressing times which we are going through.

Meeting the Gaps

During these times, Indian consumers are getting exposed to more brands other than their favourite ones. On the question of whether this development necessitates new strategic thinking for marketers in India’s alcobeverage business, the savvy marketer affirms that they could see the futuristic consumer preference for peated alt. “We have now our Amrut Amalgam Peated Malt for the discerning consumers who have acquired the peated taste. The brand has been well received by consumers. We shall take it nationally,” he candidly conveys.