Blue Sake with colour changing properties

New Update


Sato Sake Brewery has come up with a blue Sake named Seilan. Flowers of butterfly peas are among the ingredients used in the development of the liquid. Butterfly pea or Clitoria ternatea is a plant found in South-east Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

The Sake, which has a rice polishing rate of 60 percent, is brewed with Yamada Nishiki rice from the city of Nagahama in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. It is the place where the Sato Sake Brewery is located. Thereafter the liquid is infused with butterfly pea flowers, which lends it with an indigo colour. The butterfly pea flowers have neutral flavour, which leaves the original profile of the Sake unaffected.

The blue Sake is also characterised with colour changing properties. On adding an acidic medium, the colour of the Sake can transform from blue to purple.