There is a ‘Gin-aissance’ in the offing

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The alcoholic beverages market, in India, is generally dominated by whisky; but the white spirits segment has been the fastest growing segment in India’s alcobev market during the last few years. In India, vodka forms a huge market under white spirits, followed by gin and white rum. “The young population is more inclined to drinking lighter spirits, which is spurring the growth in white spirits such vodka, rum, gin and tequila,” says Deepak Arora, CEO – Som Group of Companies.

During the last few years, Som Group has also launched some regular and premium brands like White Fox Vodka, White Fox Refresh RTD to tap this potential and growing demand. Assessing the market for white spirits, Deepak expresses, “The market of vodka in the white spirits category in India is extremely fragmented; it has more flavours and ready-to-drink products to capture a wider market.”

He goes on to point out that white spirits are the fastest growing segment in the IMFL category. Vodka, he opines, is the most preferred alcoholic beverage among Indian youngsters. The segment is estimated to have grown by 25 percent in the country during the last few years. White spirits’ (primarily vodka and gin) consumption continues to grow in the country. However, he concedes this growth is driven by very small segments of the
overall alcobev market of India. The demand for white spirits in India is majorly growing in metros and B towns of the country where people are looking for a novel experience.


Talking about the gin trend during the last few years in India, he says, ‘Gin aissance’ has taken over the world and India is no exception to this growing trend of exploring gin and tonic beyond the traditional concoction that it is. In fact, India witnessed its first gin festival in Delhi few years back. It is also getting popular with Gin Explorers’ Club and gin communities.”