Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers unveils impressive whisky collections

New Update


Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers has recently introduced a portfolio of whisky brands, which includes a new 15-year-old Islay single malt. The newly unveiled range includes Islay single malt Scotch brand Mac-Talla, blended malt whisky range Old Perth, and single malt range Càrn Mòr.

Mac-Talla’s range comprises two expressions - Terra and Mara. The third bottling under Mac-Talla range is expected to be launched soon. It is a 15-year-old whisky named Strata.

The Old Perth range comprises The Original and Cask Strength whiskies, and will be followed by an aged collection this autumn. Sherry-matured malt from a selection of unnamed distilleries, which are located in the Glenlivet region of Speyside, are used in the making of the Old Perth range.

Càrn Mòr’s collection comprises two liquid offerings, which are named as Strictly Limited and Celebration of the Cask. Carn Mor collection has whiskies which are products of single cask or limited casks.