Two new duty-free exclusive whiskies from Jack Daniel’s

New Update


Brown-Forman has developed Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Travelers, especially for Global Travel Retail and is launching it exclusively with Gebr. Heinemann. This unique series has been created for whiskey drinkers who are searching for adventures in flavour, as well as on their travels.

Tennessee Travelers ‘Sweet and Oaky’ showcases the flavours of caramel, vanilla and toasted oak, which come from hand-crafted barrels, whilst Tennessee Travelers ‘Bold and Spicy’ strides the world of flavour derived from the grains, with notes of caramel, dry baking spices and a peppery finish.

“The demands of home life and the operations of his distillery never allowed Mr. Jack to venture far from Lynchburg, Tennessee but he did have wide-ranging aspirations for his whiskey and a deep curiosity about other parts of the world. He attempted to satisfy both by visiting the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis where he entered his whiskey in its first international competition. He walked away with a Gold Medal and a confirmation that there was a thirst for his whiskey beyond the boundaries of its distribution,” said Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, Chris Fletcher.

He explained why the Tennessee Travelers series is such a fitting tribute to the Jack Daniel’s vision, and his desire for spirit lovers around the world to have the chance to enjoy his whiskey. “We feel that Tennessee Travelers pays homage to Mr. Jack’s insight and his desire for people across the globe to enjoy his whiskey. I am humbled to have played a part in its creation.” Fletcher added.

Aude Bourdier, VP Managing Director for Global Travel Retail at Brown-Forman, noted that Tennessee Travelers is a Gebr. Heinemann exclusive and will begin appearing on the shelves of their shops around the world this autumn.